Benefits of using the 3M N95 air mask

Benefits of using the 3M N95 air mask

3M N95 air mask medical suppliesDue to an increase in air pollution in China, there are numerous health risks swarming around which can harm you and your family such as lung cancer, cardiopulmonary diseases, respiratory diseases etc. To ensure that you and your family remain protected from the treacherous air, we offer you the 3M N95 Air Masks, which ensure your protection against harmful gases and air particles while you are traveling outside, especially China.

According to researchers, the 3M N95 mask is considered a more advanced version of face masks and is generally beneficial for workers who work in dusty or harmful conditions. One of the benefits of using a n95 mask is that it has a cloth face with exhalation valves which are reported to perform better when testing the product. Cloth masks with exhalation valves are generally more thicker in material, which can help reduce the person’s exposure to the air pollution.

Secondly, the mask is considered to have a good fit so it has the ability to filter harmful air pollutants. Another reason why the n95 face mask is more beneficial is because it prevents the user from having a false sense of security of remaining protected from the air. According to researchers, more users have a false sense of security while wearing a mask which may prevent them from taking other measures to protect themselves such as avoiding highly polluted areas or avoiding taking exercises during times of high pollution. However, with health officials warning that the state of air pollution around the world has only started to get worse, the n95 mask is well built to make the user feel secured and protected while traveling outside.

Moreover, the n95 mask offers protection to police officers when they are dealing with harmful drug substances such as opioid or fentanyl.

The 3m n95 face mask is built with a flat-fold 3 panel design so that it can give a comfortable fit. It also comes in a variety of designs so that it suits every face shape. Buy a case here for only $20.

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