Everything You Need To Know About MAP Prices

Everything You Need To Know About MAP Prices

Whether you order supplies for a hospital or you need to care for yourself or a loved one, there’s no question that medical supplies can come at a steep cost. A big part of this is because of Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP), which mandates the minimum price at which a reseller can offer products. As there is no cap on maximum pricing, the cost of medical supplies can seem sky high. That’s why at ATC Medical, we aim to offer you the best deals we can under MAP prices. In today’s blog, let’s break down what you need to know about MAP prices.

What are MAP Prices?

MAP exists throughout any industry in which a manufacturer sells products to a retailer or reseller. It’s a limit set by the manufacturer to all resellers, requiring them not to charge less than the MAP amount when selling the product. Maybe a medical supplies manufacturer could set a MAP price of $3,950 for their power lift. That means that any medical supply distributor to whom they sell their power lifts cannot charge less than $3,950. This is done so that manufacturers don’t end up in a pricing war.

Of course, that also means that most medical supply distributors will attempt to sell that power lift for considerably more than $3,950. There is no Maximum Advertised Pricing limit, so the only cap that these distributors have is the amount that their customers will feasibly pay for medical supplies. And if every medical supplier is charging outrageous prices for their medical supplies, customers who need those supplies are left with little choice but to pay it. 

That’s where ATC Medical is different.

How ATC Medical Can Help

Like other medical supply distributors, we are unable to go lower than the MAP prices set by the manufacturer. However, we also make a devoted effort not to advertise below MAP prices than we have to. In doing so, we’re able to offer our customers big discounts that set us apart from the competition. For instance, our Invacare Reliant™ 450 Power Lift with a low base is listed at exactly MAP price of $2,763.60. We can offer this lift at a much lower price than some of our competitions. ATC Medical takes on some of the cost ourselves.

Examples of Our Discounted Products

ATC strives to offer our customers the best discounts we can so that they can equip themselves with the medical supplies they need, for a fully functioning hospital or for hospice and everything in between. Some of our products that we include at MAP price and no higher include:

Interested in other discounted medical supplies? Please call us at 877 508 4013 or email us at [email protected] for more information on our discounted medical supplies in compliance with MAP prices.

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