How to Use a Standard SpeediCath

How to Use a Standard SpeediCath

compact speedicath coloplastFor some people, a catheter is necessary to live a normal life. Previously, catheters were difficult to insert and use, but now Coloplast has created SpeediCath which is the latest breakthrough in medical technology.

SpeediCath is the first catheter of its kind. It’s an intermittent catheter that is ready to use instantly and is pre-lubricated and ready for use. It comes in a variety of sizes and lengths so it can fit men, women, and children comfortably. The hydrophilic coating is what makes it so unique. It’s this coating that provides smoothness which reduces friction when inserting or removing it.

Catheterization has long been an uncomfortable and sometimes painful process. With SpeediCath, it has changed the way catheterization is done which is excellent news for those who need to self-catheterize their whole lives. For one, it makes the process much simpler. For another, it reduces the risk of causing urethral micro-trauma.

With a doctor’s prescription, SpeediCath is readily available for those that need to self-catheterize. They come in sterile packs and are pre-hydrated and ready to use as soon as you open them up. The eyelets are polished, make for the gentlest impact on the urethra and greatly reducing discomfort along with reduced risks for micro-trauma. The packaging is easy to open with a ring pull feature, making it possible to open with one finger. The materials SpeediCath is made with are safe too. It is free of PVC and phthalates.

Coloplast medical logoFor those that have chronic problems like chronic urine retention or post void residual volume from voiding dysfunction that are either neurogenic or non-neurogenic, this revolutionary catheter takes the pain and aggravation away from an already difficult situation. Because they are so easy to use, sterile, and lubricated already in the package, SpeediCath inserts directly into the urethra and allows urine to drain from the bladder.

If you need to use a catheter daily, SpeediCath is an excellent choice in eliminating pain and complications. However, your doctor should advise you further on how to use it. You should also be sure to read all information and instructions that come with SpeediCath to ensure you are inserting it properly. It is a single-use product that must be disposed of properly after use. If there are any complications that arise from using it, consult your doctor immediately. For the majority of those who self-catheterize, SpeediCath has proven to be a huge relief by simplifying the catheterization process and making it painless.

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