How to Use the PleurX Access Kit

How to Use the PleurX Access Kit

pluerx catheter access kitTo properly help care for your home patients, PleurX catheter access kit is an ideal solution. It was designed to give intermittent access by professional caregivers to the PleurX catheter in order to inject or withdraw fluids, provide sclerosing agents, or maintain the catheter through flushing or declotting.

It’s a fantastic medical product that allows patients the freedom of life outside the hospital, where you as the professional caregiver can help them manage recurrent pleural effusions or malignant ascites in the comfort of their own home. PleurX catheter access kit is incredibly easy to use. It comes with an indwelling catheter plus vacuum bottles that allow for fast and effective drainage without wasting time or costing too much.

Professionals in the medical field that care for in-home patients find the PleurX catheter access kit to be indispensible. It is highly rated as one of the best drainage options. Based on clinical studies, it is preferred over thoracoscopic surgery. Plus, it eliminates repeated trips to the hospital for things like thoracentesis or paracentesis.

The PleurX catheter access system includes a starter kit that comes with materials to help educate your patients on how it works and how it can help improve the quality of their lives. It also features instructions for your reference and drainage supplies in order for you to effectively care for your patients.

It’s incredibly safe too. There was less than 3% infection rate reported, and less than 5% occlusion rate when using the PleurX catheter access kit. This minimizes pain and suffering for your patients. So does the proprietary valve found on this model which helps reduce the risk of misconnections and messes. Safe and effective drainage occurs with the PleurX catheter access kit thanks to the active vacuum technology. Click here for the video explaining it’s use at home.

PleurX catheter access kit can be used in many specialty areas as well including oncology, interventional radiology, thoracic surgery, pulmonology and interventional pulmonology. Once you set your patients up with this kit, it will allow them more freedom and the ability to enjoy life. They won’t need to be confined to the hospital and they’ll be able to get back to doing many of the things they love. After all, no one wants to spend their lives in and out of a hospital. It’s too precious for that. Buy yours today at ATC Medical!!


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