Invacare GHS350 Stand up Lifts & making patient transfers easier

Invacare GHS350 Stand up Lifts & making patient transfers easier

Medical care of immobile patients is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Taking a patient from the bed onto a wheelchair or to the washroom becomes a tedious job even if the weight of the patient is less than that of the caretaker. However, with the advent of hydraulics and modern technology we have the Invacare 350 stand up lift.

How the Invacare GHS350 works

The easy to use machine comes with a manual that tells you how to assemble it and video online. After assembling, it is ready to lift the patient.

First, make the patient sit on the edge of the bed. Place the standing sling around the torso of the patient. The standing sling is an integral  part of the Invacare GHS 350 stand up lift. The belt should be on the outside. The sling should be just under the shoulder blade with the arms outside. Buckle it up for a comfortable fit.

Invacare GHS350 pick me up
Invacare GHS350 pick me up

Position the lift near the patient and the legs of the Invacare get u up should be fully open before performing any lifting. Use the shifter handle in order to open the legs of the Invacare stand up life. Make sure that the locking pin is fully nested. Put the feet of the patient on the foot plate of the Invacare 350 stand up lift. Assist them in this action if they can’t do it themselves.

Bring the Invacare 350 closer to the patient till the time there knees touch the knee pad housing. Adjust the knee pad for the perfect support. Check the pins are completely seated once the knee pad is at the correct height. Use the strap on the sling to attach to the lifting arm. Ask the patient to hold the lift arm and turn the control valve clockwise. Use the pumping handle to pump which will raise the lifting arms and subsequently the patient. Transfer the patient to the wheelchair or the toilet seat.

Advantages of Invacare 350

Invacare 350 sit to stand is state of the art hydraulic lift for patients. It can easily transfer the patient from the bed to the toilet or wheelchair and back. The ergonomic style and maneuvering capability allow the caretaker to lift the patient without any fuss. Invacare standing hoist gives the patient and the caregiver peace of mind and security of not falling while transferring. Invacare 350 stand-up lift is an example of patient ease, comfort, safety and stability while transferring. Some of the other advantages and features the Invacare 350 sit to stand provides include:

  1. Adjustment feature which makes the Invacare 350 stand up lift for all kinds of body weight and sizes.
  2. Low friction makes it easy to roll on the patient from location A to B without the fear of falling over.
  3. Multi-function sling allows quick hoisting in case of toilet emergencies
  4. Retractable, non-slip footplate provides a stable base for transfer.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a patient to be taken care of or if you are in the health care business, order this machine now and make yours and your patient’s life easy.




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