The Advantages of a Toilet Wheelchair

The Advantages of a Toilet Wheelchair

If you’ve worked in nursing homes or a hospital you understand how difficult it can assist someone to to the toilet when they are recovering from surgery or have lost part of their full to capacity to old their weight. One of our most popular products to assist with this is the “Aluminum Rehab Shower Commode Chair” by Drive Medical.

Still want to stay at home but are nervous about those transfers to the toilet?  This “Toilet Wheelchair” allows people who are looking for 2 different products combined. The seat cut-out provides comfort and allows the chair to be positioned over a standard toilet for use, but also comes with a built in bucket for those who have loose bowels and can no longer maintain control of their bowels. The aluminum frame of the chair is an attractive white color and is also resistant to rust which makes it ideal for simple cleaning in the shower. Footrests come standard and include adjustable height and angle footplates. Ideal for anyone who is looking for a shower chair and commode for their home.

shower toilet wheelchair NRS185006
Prevent Falls w/Toilet Wheelchair
  • Easily positioned over a standard toilet or alternatively used as a portable self-contained commode
  • Durable white aluminum frame is rust resistant
  • Comfortably Padded seat back and arms Seat cut-out provides maximum comfort and convenience
  • Height adjustable from 5’2 to 6’4
  • Simplified transfer with swing-away footrests

With Model #NRS185006 at a price around $375 it allows someone to possibly stay at home longer before being transferred to a long term care facility. If you only have part time in home care this is the perfect product to help keep you at home as long as possible.

According to the National Library of Medicine annually, an estimated 38,000 adults age 65 years or older were treated in the U.S. for injuries associated with falls. Most falls (72.8%) occurred at home. The most common location for fall injuries in the home was the bathroom (35.7%). Frequent fall injuries occurred at the transition between carpet/rug and non-carpet/rug, on wet carpets or rugs, and while hurrying to the bathroom. A product such as the Toilet Chair by Drive Medical helps prevent this incredibly common injury from happening to you.

Here is a quick list of replacements parts for this NRS185006 wheelchair by Drive Medical also, all 1 each unless noted otherwise:
NRS185006-Replacement-parts-toilet-transfer-chair1. NRS185006-01 Seat With InsertFor
2. NRS185006-02 Seat Clips W/Screws
3. NRS185006-03 Back Insert
4. NRS185006-04 Armpad
5. NRS185006-05 Armrest Bracket Left
6. NRS185006-06 Armrest Bracket Right
7. NRS185006-07 Armrest Tube
8. NRS185006-08 Caster With Leg
9. NRS185006-09 Frame Clip, 4/pkg
10 NRS185006-10 Quick Release Axle
11. NRS185006-11 Swing away Footrest, 1/pr
12 NRS185006-12 Foot plate, 1/pr
13. NRS185006-13 Angle Adjustable Foot plate Mount W/Hardware
14. NRS185006-14 Downtube Plastic Inserts
15. NRS185006-15 Footrest Height Adjustable Knob W/Bolt
16. NRS185006-16 Footrest Pivot Saddle W/Bolt
17. NRS185006-17 Footrest Frame Latch
18. NRS185006-18 Wheel Lock Left
19. NRS185006-19 Wheel Lock Right
20. NRS185006-20 Rear Axle Receiver
21. NRS185006-21 Back Locking Knob
22. NRS185006-22 AntiRattle Insert
23. NRS185006-23 Frame Plug , 6/pkg
24. NRS185006-24 Rear Wheel 24″
25. NRS185006-25 Hand rim With Hardware
26. NRS185006-26 Hand rim Screws & Spacers,8/pkg
27. NRS185006-27 Anti Tippers, 1/pr

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