4 Daily Living Aids To Help You Live Independently

4 Daily Living Aids To Help You Live Independently

When it comes to aging, one of the hardest parts about getting older is losing your independence. The ability to drive, shower, and prepare meals, used to seem like small tasks, but now pose big challenges. Fine motor skills become weekend and stability declines. Luckily, there are a variety of living aids created specifically to help those going through the aging process maintain their independence. In this article, we will explore four daily living aids that can help you live independently as you age. 

Shower Goods

Showering is one of the more personal and private activities many elders like to keep to themselves. The risk of falling in the shower is much higher due to slippery surfaces and loss of balance. Many showers do not offer the stability needed to provide those who are aging with the confidence needed to do so independently. 

That is why living aids have been created to help seniors maintain their independence and shower on their own. One of the best products that you can invest in when looking to continue your shower routine independently, is a shower stool. Shower stools are a great tool to help provide balance and stability, so that you can clean your body without the risk of falling over. If you do have a fall, using waterproof Band-Aids to keep the area clean and dry is a great idea. 

Handheld shower aids are another great tool that can help you clean yourself independently. These handheld shower aids have been made with multiple settings so that you can adjust them to your comfort. Shower guard bars are another essential, to help boost oneself out of the shower stool when getting in and out of the shower. 

Dressing Aids

Once shower time is done, it is time to get dressed. Getting dressed is another key activity that many elders like to keep private for as long as possible. Dressing aids can help those who are aging get into pajamas, clothe themselves after showers, or change into athletic gear when engaging in their favorite movement activity. 

Dressing sticks can be used to help easily put on clothing without the risk of getting tangled. When it comes to shoes, having a shoe horn laid out by your shoe choices can be a big help when getting your feet into things like dress shoes and boots. 

Personal Care

Personal care should be prioritized and made part of your daily routine, especially if you are embarking on the aging process. Pill boxes are essential for individuals of all ages, if you are on medication, you should have one! Pill boxes are a great way to help make sure that you are taking your required medications every day without fail. 

Deodorizer is another great tool that can be used to help keep clothing, linens, and more, smelling fresh and clean. Some deodorizers even offer an antibacterial component, so they kill germs on contact. 

Hearing aid dehumidifiers are another great personal care item that is often overlooked. These are far more affordable than one might think and can make a huge difference in the longevity of your devices. 

Bedroom Essentials 

When crawling into bed after a long day, doing so independently can be a challenge as you age. This is why bed rails are essential to not only help oneself in and out of bed but to keep from falling in the nighttime. All elders should also have night lights installed around the room leading to the bathroom as a precautionary safety measure. 

We hope this article helped give you new ideas on how you can ease the aging process and do so independently. For more helpful daily aids, check out the rest of our online store.

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