5 Medical Supplies Every Exam Room or Nurse’s Station Should Have

5 Medical Supplies Every Exam Room or Nurse’s Station Should Have

Exam rooms and nurse’s stations are central to good patient care. With enhanced emphasis on cleanliness, there are fundamental  supplies that should be available in both the exam room and nurse’s stations. Here are our five supplies every medical exam room or nurse’s station should have.

#1 – Disposable Gowns For Patients

Gowns offer protection both for you and your patients. This disposable gown offers a cost-effective way to provide a modest gown for patient examinations. Using them, you eliminate the need for traditional cloth gowns and their cleaning and sanitation cost. 

#2 – Shoe Covers

Particularly in areas where blood and body fluids are present, such as emergency rooms, shoe covers are an important accessory for your staff. Shoe covers can help keep your staff’s shoes clean thereby minimizing how often they need to be replaced. 

There are multiple options for shoe covers, and each option will help your staff maintain their cleanliness and safety. Our shoe cover is light weight so  your staff can wear them an entire shift without fatigue. Skidding on the floor can pose a safety hazard for both your staff and patients, and our cover has a non-skid design.  Our shoe covers are also latex free. 

#3 – Protective Face Masks

Everyone who works in a medical office should have a protective face mask, as they have become commonplace in the medical office. While there are many types of masks offering various levels of protection, a mask offers extra protection as it offers full face coverage, providing both your staff and patients a high degree of protection from airborne contaminants. Our site offers face masks such as extra protective face masks for you to restock your nurses station or medical exam room.

#4 – Insulin Syringes and Pens Storage Container

Patient safety is important in the exam room and includes the safe disposal of sharps, including syringes and insulin pens. This container provides a cost effective disposal solution for each exam room. Our insulin syringes and pens storage container offers a  leak and puncture proof container. The autolocking and snap close lid helps hold up to 70-100 insulin syringes or 300 pens after use.

#5 – Disposable Stethoscope

A Stethoscope is needed for a variety of procedures, and as a result, contamination can occur if used on multiple patients. One option to prevent contamination is to use a disposal stethoscope.   When considering a disposable stethoscope, acoustical performance and sensitivity are important. Likewise, a latex free product is preferable. If you’re considering disposable stethoscopes for your office or practice, view our disposable stethoscope. 

Use this article as a guide when shopping for your office or nurse’s station. Check out our shop for all of our products if you need to restock on anything.

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