5 Tips For Caring For Elderly Loved Ones at Home

5 Tips For Caring For Elderly Loved Ones at Home

It can be challenging to know what to look for with home care, or where to start. With an aging population, many families are weighing their options for their parents and other family members. Below are five tips to assist you in considering your home healthcare options.

#1 – Keep Your Loved One Social and Active

Just because your loved one is elderly doesn’t mean they want to stay at home all day. Whether it is a family gathering or a one on one walk in the park, your loved one will appreciate the attention and interactions.  Grandparents will enjoy being with their grandchildren, be it a holiday, birthday celebration or sitting on the porch reading them a story. If your loved one would like to meet folks their own age or keep up with their friends, organizations like The Red Hat Society or AARP offer many social opportunities for seniors.

#2 – Try To Keep the Care At Home

If possible, provide their care in a home setting. While there may be financial or situational considerations, there are options through government and charitable organizations and the private sector to aid in providing good home care. In addition to full time care, you can arrange for home visits with professional medical and home care staff periodically to visit and assist.  AARP has resources for those that are looking for home care including a checklist on what to look for when  deciding on a home care plan.

#3 – Ask For Help with Caregiving

Caregiving is not something that can be done without some outside assistance. While you might feel as though you want to do it all yourself, some of the time even the most dedicated caregivers need help and a break. Involving other family members or close friends is one option to consider as well as engaging professional assistance.  

#4 – Assess How Much Care is Needed

Before you decide what level of home care you can give as an individual, together as a family or with professional assistance, you will need to assess the care needs of your loved one. This can be a simple list of their daily schedule, with notes for medications and other medical needs. Also include regular doctors and other medical appointments so you have a clear picture of their needs.  

With this assessment, you can determine what you or potentially with family or professional help the level of home care that is necessary for the health and wellbeing of your loved one.

#5 – Make Sure You Have The Appropriate Medical Supplies at Home

With home health care it’s important to have the right supplies to keep your loved one safe and cared for. ATC Medical offers products to assist in home health care. Whether it is simple products for every day care or specialized equipment for special needs, ATC Medical can provide these products. Visit our homepage to view our range of products

Caring for a loved one at home is a mission that requires many factors to be successful. These tips are just a few of many factors to consider. Beyond traditional home care products, ATC Medical also offers products for short term and emergency home care situations. 

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