5 Necessary Supplies For Assisted Living Centers

5 Necessary Supplies For Assisted Living Centers

If you work in assisted living, you know just how important having the right tools can be. Giving your seniors the independence they crave while  also ensuring they are as safe and comfortable as possible is critical. Their happiness and safety are your top priority! In this article, we will share 5 innovative items that will become new necessary supplies for your assistant living center. 

Medical-Grade Grab Bars 

Staying steady in old age can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous! Medical-Grade Grab Bars are a great addition to any walkway, hallway, bedroom, or bathroom to help seniors get themselves up or offer extra sense of stability. These bars won’t rust, so they can be placed inside showers or tubs to offer extra security during baths or showers. They pair wonderfully with shower seats for seniors who want a more relaxing bathing experience. 

Rubber Bath Mat

Baths and showers are some of the most dangerous times for unsteady seniors, as the wetness can cause unexpected falls. In order to secure the bathrooms your seniors will use, installing Rubber Bath Mats into all showers is crucial. This way, if seniors wish to stand or use a shower chair, there will be extra friction on the ground offering a convenient way to stay secure. If a fall does occur accidentally, the rubber bath mats can help cushion the fall, too. 

Grabber/Reaching Aid

Giving seniors as much independence as possible is critical. Grabbers/Reaching Aids can be a perfect solution for seniors who want a more independent living style. These bars can help seniors reach food in pantries, clothes from closest shelves, curtains to add shade to their rooms, and so much more. 

Jar Opener 

Like we mentioned before, independence is a critical part of making sure your senior is happy and confident in their assisted living space. Jar openers are a great way for seniors to feel independent and open food, toiletries, or other containers all on their own. This tool is especially helpful for those with arthritis or stiffness of the joints, as these conditions can make opening jars and containers all the more challenging. 

Dressing Aid Stick

Dressing aid stricks are another great independence tool seniors can use in the morning or at nighttime. These are also great tools for those who wish to shower and change with privacy, without hurting themselves with the movements required to get properly dressed. Dressing aid sticks are perfect for those who need to change constantly or who have temperature control issues and need to layer up throughout the day. 

We hope this article helped you discover new and innovative tools to incorporate into your assisted living center. Growing old isn’t easy, but with the support of your staff and the wide variety of products we offer, you will be able to set the tone for comfort and independence. For more inspiration and helpful blog resources, check out the rest of our shop to continue exploring.

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