Nebulizer Accessories and PPE: Finding What Works

Nebulizer Accessories and PPE: Finding What Works

If you are somebody who suffers from respiratory challenges, you know that the past two years have been nothing but a nightmare. With the looming threat of COVID, individuals who suffer with pre-existing respiratory conditions are at higher risk for complications. So, it has never been more important to invest in high-quality PPE and nebulizer accessories to help keep your body healthy. In this article, we will explore some of the best nebulizer accessories and PPE that you can purchase to help keep yourself safe.

PPE Headgear & Face Shield 

Wearing a face shield can be a very effective way to help prevent the spread of droplets in public places. Whether you are traveling far and wide or just taking a visit to your local grocery store, it is important to have an extra layer of protection. Only wearing a mask won’t provide you with the dual layer protection that comes with wearing a face shield. This face shield is belted with adjustable headgear for a hands-free approach. This way, you can go out into the world as normal without worrying about constantly adjusting your PPE.

Baby Nebulizer Set Mask

If your little ones suffer from respiratory challenges, it is important to purchase the proper equipment to help them thrive. If your baby uses a nebulizer, it is important to purchase a small enough size mask so that they can relax and sleep comfortably while getting enough saturation of the product.

Respiratory Therapy Solution 

When using a respiratory system such as a nebulizer, it is crucial to have a quality respiratory therapy solution for the best results. This respiratory solution contains sterile water for inhalation, used for medium to large nebulizers. 

Puppy Aerosol Mask

If your child is slightly older and suffers from respiratory challenges, it is important to invest in products that will make their treatment plan less of a hassle. This puppy aerosol mask is both fun and unique so that your child does not dread therapy time. Simply strap on the mask to your child’s face, and watch them smile and giggle at the sight of their puppy dog face reflection!

PPE Dispenser 

When changing PPE or applying it for the first time, it is important that you are not spreading further bacteria by touching the protection equipment with your hands. This PPE dispenser helps to illuminate this threat by limiting the amount of contact you will have with facemasks. This device is perfect for family kitchens, closets, cars, or school lockers.

We hope this article helps you discover new nebulizer accessories and PPE that will help keep you and your family safe. To explore more of our products, check out the rest of our shop here!

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